Rules of the game


Your objective? To become the number one in the city by buying the best buildings in the city.
The game ends after one month and a new one starts the same day.
Your ranking depends on the number of buildings obtained at the end of the game and their levels: 1 building level = 1 point in the ranking.
The higher your ranking at the end of the game, the more bonuses you will get for the next season.


Neocoins are necessary to buy or improve buildings. You can gain them in 2 ways:
Owning buildings
A building generates income every hour and every time another player passes by.
Collect them on the map :
Neocoins are spread throughout the city, go nearby to get them.


A building thus brings Neocoins every hour and at each visit, i.e. when a player passes by. So think about buying buildings that are frequented in order to generate as much income as possible. It is possible to increase the level of your buildings in order to increase your income.

At the beginning of the game, you will only be able to own 3 buildings. To increase this limit you can buy slots.
You can sell one of your buildings to the bank for 60% of its value.

Construction sites represent buildings under construction. The construction time of a building increases with each new building created, with the exception of your first building, which is built instantly. 


It is also possible to acquire a building owned by another player. If you are able to bid more than the value of the building you want, it will be auctioned off for 24 hours. The new owner will be the player with the highest bid.

The auction room lists all current bids. The player with the highest bid at the end of the countdown wins the building, the others get their bets back and the previous owner gets the entire highest bid. When a building is sold, its value increases by 15%.


Each card has a unique effect, allowing you to obtain temporary bonuses or complicate the lives of other players. You will find them on the map and you can accumulate 20 of them in your deck. Neopass subscription holders can accumulate up to 40.


What's the Neocash for?
It allows you to buy chests in the shop in order to obtain items but also to get rare cards, to speed up the construction of your buildings or to get new avatars.

How do I get Neocash?
- Every day, you can get it for free in your daily reward as well as in your daily quest reward.
- When you complete a career quest.
- Every week according to your ranking.
- Every month, at the end of the season, according to your ranking.
- In the shop.

THE Objects

They allow you to improve your range of action, Neocoins (annuity) earned per hour as well as an income multiplier on your buildings. The game has three types of items: transport, accessories and clothing.

Each player can equip himself with an item of each type from his profile. There are
3 levels of rarity The following are the most bonus items: common (grey), unusual (green) and rare (blue), the latter offering the most bonuses.

Items are assigned levels and with each additional level, the characteristics of the item increase. Upgrading an item requires Neocoins and a sufficient number of identical items.

These items can be found in Amazopolis parcels, mystery suitcases or Neocash.
These can be found in several different ways:
- To be exchanged in the shop for Neocash
- To be collected on the map via the "Surprise parcel" maps
- As a reward for 7 days of play in a row

Experience and skills

Collecting Neocoins, maps and carrying out daily missions brings experience. Your level increases with experience.