Rules of the game


Buy and sell buildings from the real world to increase your wealth and become one of the richest players in the Neopolis Universe!

For the most competitive players, become the number one player in your region by buying the best buildings in your city.
The game ends after one month and a new game starts the same day.
Your ranking depends on the number of buildings you have obtained at the end of the game and their level: 1 building level = 1 ranking point. The higher your ranking at the end of the game, the more Neocash you will get in the next season.


Neocoins are needed to buy or upgrade buildings. You can earn them in 2 ways:
Owning buildings
A building generates income every hour. If other players pass by, this income will be higher.
Collecting them on the map :
Neocoins are scattered around the city, go near them to get them. They appear regularly around you.


A building therefore earns Neocoins every hour. It is possible to increase the level of your buildings in order to increase your income.
Each building has a popularity index: the more players pass by a building, the higher its popularity. Popularity is a multiplier of the building's income. If the building is more popular than the average building in your area, its popularity increases.
Consider buying popular buildings to generate as much income as possible.

At the beginning of the game you can only own 3 buildings. To increase this limit you can buy locations.
You can sell one of your buildings to the bank for 50% of its value.

There are 6 types of buildings: restaurants, bars, offices, transport stations, shops and cultural buildings. Objects and market prices can affect their income, so pay attention to this before you build a new building.

Construction sites represent buildings under construction. The construction time of a building increases with each new building created, with the exception of your first building, which is built instantly. 

The monuments are unique buildings, faithfully representing real-world monuments. They appear progressively during a game. Their levels count double in the score.
We try to introduce new monuments as regularly as possible in the game.


It represents the value of all your buildings accumulated. Your wealth is not lost at the end of the season, it will accumulate with the previous season's wealth. It can only increase from one season to the next.

Accumulate buildings to climb the wealth ladder!


If you wish, it is also possible to put your buildings up for auction in order to realise a capital gain. Put your building'on sale' in the auction room. It will remain in the 'for sale' status until another player bids for it or the owner withdraws it from the auction. When the first bid is made, the building is put up for auction and a 12 hour timer starts. At the end of the 12 hours, the highest bidder decides on the new owner. The former owner gets the Neocoins of the highest bid.


Each card has a unique effect, allowing you to obtain temporary bonuses or to make life difficult for other players. You can find them on the map and you can accumulate 25 of them in your deck. Neopass holders can accumulate up to 45.
Some examples of cards:
- Benefits: Temporarily increases the income generated by your buildings
- Teleportation: Move momentarily anywhere you want on the map
- Degradation: Decreases the value of a building. If successful, the building can be auctioned
- Extra Locks: Adds locks to your building. Decreases the chance of being robbed or hijacked


What's the Neocash for?
It allows you to buy chests in the shop in order to obtain items but also to get rare cards, to speed up the construction of your buildings or to get new avatars.

How do I get Neocash?
- Every day, you can get it for free in your daily reward as well as in your daily quest reward.
- When you complete a career quest.
- Every week according to your ranking.
- Every month, at the end of the season, according to your ranking.
- In the shop.

THE Objects

They allow you to obtain various bonuses according to their categories:
The accessories give you a higher chance of getting certain cards.
Clothes allow you to obtain income bonuses on certain types of buildings.
Transport have several bonuses:
- an increase in range
- a multiplier on the value of neocoins you collect on the map
- an increase in the capacity of your card deck

Each player can equip themselves with one item of each type from their profile. There are
4 levels of rarity Common (blue), Unusual (green), Rare (purple) and Valuable (yellow), the latter offering bonuses with unique properties.
For example, the Super Hero uniform increases the popularity of your buildings by 10.

Items are assigned levels and with each additional level, the item's characteristics increase. Upgrading an item requires Neocoins and a sufficient number of identical items.

These items can be found in Amazopolis parcels, mystery suitcases or Neocash.
These can be found in several different ways:
- To be exchanged in the shop for Neocash
- To be collected on the map via the "Surprise parcel" maps
- As a reward for 7 days of play in a row

The market price

The rarer a building type is, the more revenue it generates. For example, if there are far fewer "Bars" buildings than restaurants built in the region, bars will generate higher revenues. The market price is updated every 24 hours and is calculated according to the buildings built in the region.
Before building a new building, remember to check the market price!

The parties

Join or found your party, recruit members and pool your resources to control the most Influence Points and reach the top of the ranking. Knowing how to acquire at the right time and defend acquired Influence Points will be the key to success.

Influence Points have an influence gauge that protects them. If it drops to 0, it can be "captured" by another party. It is possible to lower the gauge of a Point of Influence with a Corruption card and restore it with an Influence card. Corruption cards can be used in Teleportation but you cannot buy an Influence Point controlled by another party if you do not physically go there.

Improving your party's HQ will not only raise your ranking but also gain experience for the party. This experience earns your party levels that it keeps from season to season and allows you to get various competitive advantages such as increasing the maximum capacity of members in a party.

If you are one of the top 3 parties in your region, you will reach theelections in order to be elected by all other players in your region!
Elections are held 48 hours before the end of the season and the winning party becomes the government of the region for the next season.

The leader of the elected government defines his policy by allocating a budget to increase the income of certain types of buildings. He therefore influences the market price.
For example, you can decide to give 20% more income to shops and 30% more to bars. He can change this budget at any time.

Specific rules:
- A party does not change servers. It is affiliated to the region it was created in.
- Players who are members of a party may NOT change regions in the off-season unless they leave their party.
- It is impossible for the Leader of a party to dissolve it if it is in an election or is the government in power.


The following practices are prohibited and may be subject to expulsion from the application

- The use of multiple accounts for a single player or the use of multiple phones for a single account.
- Applications or software that simulate a false GPS position (Fake GPS, VPS, VPN etc ...)
- Chat: make pornographic, obscene, indecent, shocking or inappropriate comments for a family audience, defamatory, insulting, violent, racist, xenophobic or revisionist, infringing, damaging to the image of a third party, untruthful, misleading or proposing or promoting illegal activities, fraudulent or misleading, harmful to the computer systems of third parties, likely to infringe the rights of third parties or to be prejudicial to third parties, in any way and in any form whatsoever, will expose you to the deletion of your account